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The ALMOST HOME, INC. board welcomes you to this meeting.  We conduct our meetings in compliance with the state open meetings law.  That law requires that our board meetings be open for public observation, but it does not require that the public be allowed to participate in the meetings.


However, we value the ideas and insights of others.  Therefore, it is the policy of this board to allow 15 minutes of each meeting for a forum.  If you wish to speak to this board during the forum section of our agenda, please complete the form and hand it to the board president before the meeting.  Only persons who have completed the form and given it to the board president prior to the convening of the meeting will be allowed to speak.


When the board reaches the forum section of the agenda, the board president will divide the 15-minute segment by the number of persons who have requested to speak to the board to determine the amount of time allocated to each person. The board president will then call on those people one at a time to stand and address the board for no more than the allocated time.


Do not expect the board to respond at this meeting to your questions or requests for information or requests for action. The board will note your request and respond typically at the next regular scheduled Board Meeting or at a later appropriate time after board members have an opportunity to deliberate about the request. A date will be provided to the person(s) making the request.

At other times during this meeting, board members may wish to ask for information from persons in the audience, but please refrain from comment unless the board asks you to comment.  Board members are always eager to hear from constituents outside the meeting, but our meeting agenda is usually full and does not allow us time for a continuous open forum.  Thanks for helping us conduct an open and orderly meeting.



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