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Increased Need for SWAP Motel Voucher Program

Did you know Almost Home conducts the Adams County Severe Weather Activation Plan (SWAP)? This program provides life-saving measures for people experiencing unsheltered homelessness. The assessment process may include a motel stay, referral to shelter, or severe weather supplies. SWAP will activate when weather conditions reach 32°F and below and wet (rain or snow) or 20°F below and dry.

Yesterday, we had a long line of unsheltered individuals seeking shelter before this snow storm rolled in. Our staff exhausted all of our allotted motel vouchers for the day to those waiting in line at our new office location.

This pilot program was launched last winter season. Since the launch of the program Almost Home has distributed a total of 2,666 motel vouchers to help ensure our homeless neighbors have a warm and safe place to stay during severe weather.


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