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Rally your customers, clients or office to combat homelessness and housing instability.

What is a DipJar?

DipJar enables generosity for the cause to end homelessness and housing instability at your organization, place of worship, next special event, or anywhere there are people!

It's like a tip jar but it allows for cashless donations via debit or credit cards.  It's a fast EASY way to help raise money for Almost Home and raise awareness for homelessness and housing instability in our neighborhood.

Copy of DipJar Sign.png

How does it work?

It's simple. Place the DipJar in a high traffic area, and that's it! Your coworkers, friends, clients, or customers can dip their card into the slot, watch the machine light up, and that's all! 

Together, we can determine the appropriate donation amount to set for your organization or event and we can then send our DipJar your way for a special event, day, week or month!

Where can I display a DipJar?

In short, anywhere!

  • Offices - break rooms, cafeterias, lobbies

  • Places of worship

  • Special events

  • Conferences

  • Conventions

  • Yoga studios

  • Coffee shops

  • Counter service restaurants

  • Boutiques

  • Weddings

  • And more!

Clothing Store
Front Desk at Clinic
Church Cross
Coffee Shop
Friends Party
If you would like to host a DipJar, please contact
Rachel Monroe at 303-659-6199 or
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