Colorado Facts & Stats


 In order to afford a two-bedroom apartment, a household must earn at least $62,640/year.  The average fair market rent of this apartment is $1,566 in Adams County.


According to the Metro Denver Homeless Initiative's Point in Time Survey, 62% of those homeless in Adams County are families with children.


The top three reasons given for homelessness in Adams County are:

1. Loss of employment

2. Housing costs are too high

3. Family or relationship breakup (divorce)

To afford a $1,566/month rental, a single wage earner would need to be paid $30.12/hour to live comfortably & a minimum wage worker must work 100 hours per week to afford the same rental.  



In 2020 Almost Home helped:

 773 households avoid homelessness with our Homeless Prevention Program  

1,682 individuals throughout Adams and Weld counties

857 children throughout Adams and Weld counties

7,812 nights of shelter to homeless families in our Family Emergency Shelter