Please note that we work by appointment only (no walk-ins). All clients should complete our online Emergency Assistance Intake Assessment Form to begin the process to determine eligibility for assistance. 


Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are experiencing a significantly high volume of applications. please allow us 24-48 hours to return your message.  We appreciate your patience and encourage you to visit 211 at for additional resources in your community.


What type of support does Almost Home Provide?

Almost Home provides Emergency Assistance in the form for rental, mortgage, utility, water assistance as well as emergency shelter. If you are behind on rental, mortgage or utility payments, we may be able to provide you with financial assistance. If you are getting a new apartment, we may be able to provide you with deposit assistance.


How do I know if I am eligible to receive Emergency Assistance?

The first step is to complete our online Emergency Assistance Intake Assessment Form to identify your current housing crisis or call 303-659-6199. To determine eligibility, Almost Home’s Bilingual Intake Assistant will conduct an intake assessment to determine eligibility and identify the amount of financial assistance available to help resolve your housing crisis. If deemed eligible, an appointment will be scheduled. If you are not eligible, we will provide you with other resources to reach out to for assistance.

Can I walk in and receive assistance?

Please note that we work by appointment only (no walk-ins). All clients should complete our online Emergency Assistance Intake Assessment Form to begin the process to determine eligibility for assistance or call our main office at 303-659-6199. These are our only two (2) ways to apply for assistance.

How will I know if funding is available?

Funding availability is determined on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. The Intake Team will inform you if we are currently making Emergency Assistance case management appointments.   


How much assistance can I receive?

Each household is different. When you connect with Almost Home’s Bilingual Intake Assistant, they will help determine how much we assistance you are eligible for.  


I do not have any children under the age of 18, can you help me?

Almost Home has multiple sources of assistance, our Bilingual Intake Assistant will assess you to identify

if we have funding available to help.

What are the requirements for Emergency Assistance?

There are different requirements for each type of assistance. Please click on the appropriate tab to view

a list of requirements for each type of assistance.

What can I expect during my case management appointment?

  1. At your case management appointment, you will need to bring all required documents to the appointment. If you do not have all of your documents 24 hours prior to a virtual appointment or at the time of your in person appointment, your appointment will be canceled. Due to the high number of applications, we cannot guarantee that funding will be available if your appointment is canceled.

  2. During your appointment, you will meet with a Housing Case Manager to conduct a full intake and provide all documents to the case manager.

  3. You will create a budgeting plan.

  4. You will create a Housing Stabilization Plan and identify goals to reach self-sufficiency.

  5. You will be provided with referrals to other resources to help meet your household needs.

  6. After your appointment is completed, your Housing Case Manager will remain in contact with you over the next 90 days as needed for additional case management, referrals and supportive services.

How do I gain access to Almost Home’s Emergency Shelter?

Almost Home provides Emergency Shelter to seven (7) families at one time. We have a waitlist to gain access to our emergency shelter.  We ask that you please complete and submit the above mentioned online assessment form to begin the process.

CLICK HERE to download a printable form of eligibility requirements and FAQ's.

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