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Client Testimonials

Families across Adams and Southern Weld County are living in situations that are unstable or not met for permanent housing. Families and individuals live on the streets, in their cars, in motels, doubled-up with family and friends, or are in Emergency Shelter. In 2021, our partner at the 27J School District made a referral to Almost Home because they were highly concerned about the health and wellbeing of a family. A family of 7 was living in unsafe and unsanitary living conditions. They were living in an RV without any plumbing or heat, and the RV was infested with mice.


We immediately sprang to action and admitted this family of 2 adults and 5 children into our largest room in our Family Emergency Shelter. The family was experienced intense feelings of gratitude for the safety and comfort of our Family Emergency Shelter, and immediately began working with our team to secure housing. With the support of re-housing case management, they signed a lease and moved into permanent, safe, and healthy housing. The family now lives in their own 3-bedroom apartment with 3 months of ongoing home and community-based case management to support their long-term success. With the father’s income, the family has the resources to fully maintain their rental and never have to spend another night in that unsafe RV again.

YOUR donations make client success stories like this possible! Thank you to our funders, sponsors & donors for providing us with the funds needed to help families move towards self-sufficiency and obtain permanent, safe, and affordable housing.

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Our friends at Orchard Church partnered with Almost Home to give a shelter client a holiday that was truly filled with blessings for her and her children.  Thank you Orchard Church for reaching out to us to help one of our clients get back on the road to self-sufficiency.


This family was comprised of two parents, with five children. The family stayed at our shelter for 30 days. Within the first week of staying at our shelter, our case manager had them apply for food stamps and medicaid, (With a family of 7, you can imagine that the grocery bills are always high!) both of which were awarded to them. During their stay, they were able to save money for their deposit and first month's rent. They were also refered to the Adam's County Workforce Center and begin taking classes on budgeting and a first home buyers class to gain knowledge on steps to become home owners.On day 30 in our shelter, the family was able to obtain permanent housing that they could afford on their own. 

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