Homelessness Prevention Program

Our Homeless Prevention Program provides Emergency Assistance in the form for rental, mortgage, utility, and water assistance. If you are behind on rental, mortgage or utility payments, we may be able to provide you with financial assistance. Each household served under the program engages in short-term case management services to address ongoing barriers to housing stability.


Our Homeless Prevention Program prioritizes households that are at risk of eviction or foreclosure due to loss of income or an increase in expenses. In an effort to be fair, equitable and prevent households from entering into homeless situations Almost Home will prioritize those that have one of the following: foreclosure notice, 10 Day Notice, Demand for Compliance Letter, Notice to Quit, or a scheduled Housing Court date. In addition, we can work with anyone that is directly referred to us by Colorado Legal Services that is in imminent risk of becoming homeless.

We believe this process will ensure that we can prevent households from entering into homelessness and ensure that we are implementing our Homeless Prevention Program to best serve our community and allows us to triage all applications at a quicker pace. For those who do not meet eligibility, we will provide them with information and referrals to other programs and services to best meet their needs. Our staff is working tirelessly to provide the services and the resources to keep people in their homes.


In addition, we can provide Emergency Assistance for a security deposit. If a household is moving into a new apartment to leave an unsafe living situation, we may be able to provide a security deposit assistance.


Our Homeless Prevention Program is an open and self-referral program.

The following documents are required in our

Homeless Prevention Program:

  1. Copy of Photo ID (for all household members over 18)

  2. Social Security card (copy for all household members)

  3. Proof of Income (for all household members over 18)

  4. Copy of signed lease (for households that rent)

  5. Tenant ledger that documents the amount owed (for households that rent)

  6. Mortgage Statement documenting that mortgage is past due with accurate amount owed (for households that own a home)

  7. One of the following:

    1. Foreclosure notice;

    2. 10 Day Notice;

    3. Demand for Compliance Letter;

    4. Notice to Quit;

    5. Scheduled Housing Court date.

The following documents are required for 

Utility Support:

  1. You must be a US Citizen or show proof of legal residency. 

  2. You must provide a Colorado ID for all adults in the household.

  3. You must provide a valid Social Security Card for every member of the household, children included. We will not accept copies of any Social Security Card

  4. Verifiable and ongoing income is not required.

  5. You must be a resident of Adams or Weld County for the last 3 months.

  6. If you are applying for utility assistance during the months of November through April, you must first apply for LEAP prior to applying for utility assistance through Almost Home, Inc. To move forward with an intake assessment you must be able to produce an approval or denial letter from LEAP.

  7. If your total bill is over $1,000 we cannot provide assistance until your bill is less than $1,000.

The following are required for 

City of Brighton Water Support:

  1. You must be a City of Brighton resident and receive a city utility water bill.

  2. You cannot have tampered with your meter in the last twelve (12) months; this will be verified through the City of Brighton.

  3. You are eligible for up to $300 in assistance per calendar year. You cannot receive more than $300 per calendar year from any City of Brighton Water Assistance program. 

To apply for assistance and determine eligibility, please complete the online

Emergency Assistance Application.

CLICK HERE to download a printable form of eligibility requirements and FAQ's.