Almost Home, Inc. provides Rental Assistance to persons in need.  Some come to us with eviction notices in hand.  These funds help to provide stability for those who found themselves unable to pay for rent and possibly even on the brink of homelessness.



1. Must be a US Citizen or have Legal Residency (Colorado ID and valid Social Security Card will be required of all adults.)

2. Verifiable and consistent income is required (must provide check stubs). Income from cash, babysitting or temporary agencies will not qualify.

3. Monthly income must be $200 or more than your monthly rent or mortgage.

4. Must be a resident of Adams or southern Weld County for the past 3 months.

5. Families with children can qualify for up to $750 in rental assistance, depending on available funds but the remaining portion of your rent  MUST BE paid prior to making appointment for our assistance (we require a landlord receipt or money order to confirm).

6. Adults without children are eligible for up to $500 in rental assistance, depending on available funding. 

7. All adults in the household must provide an original Colorado ID and Social Security Card (no copies accepted).

8. All children require an original Social Security Card (no copies accepted).

Contact Us:

231 N. Main St.

Brighton, CO  806012


Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm