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In 1986, the Colorado Legislature created Enterprise Zones as a way to assist businesses and nonprofit organizations located in economically depressed areas throughout the state.  The Enterprise Program makes it possible for Almost Home donors to receive a 25% state income tax credit on monetary contributions.

What does it take to Obtain an Enterprise Zone Tax Credit?

  • Donors must make a monetary contribution to Almost Home, either online or by cash, check or credit card, specifically requesting the Enterprise Zone Tax Credit.

  • Donors must have a Colorado state income tax liability to benefit from the Enterprise Zone Tax Credit.


  • Donors must provide the last four-digits of their FEIN, SSN or Colorado Account Number to Almost Home.

  • Tax returns must be filed electronically with the Colorado Department of Revenue.

  • After a qualifying contribution is received along with the last four-digits of their FEIN, SSN , Almost Home will submit your donation info to the Adams County Enterprise Zone administrator.  The administrator will review your donation and once approved the administrator will send you the tax credit form.

EZ tax credit example.JPG
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