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Almost Home Partners with 27J Schools to Help Student Families in Need

Thanks to our partnership with 27J schools, we were able to move a family in crisis into our Family Emergency Shelter. A 27J school liaison contacted Almost Home due to a concern with a family of 7 living in unsafe and unsanitary living conditions. They were staying in an RV without any plumbing or heat and the RV was infested with mice.

Our Housing Navigator immediately admitted this family of 2 adults and 5 children into our largest room in the shelter. The family was motivated to make their stay at the Emergency Shelter short and began working to obtain permanent housing almost immediately.

While in the Emergency Shelter, the family was able to save several paychecks, as the father works full-time. Almost Home assisted with clothing, baby necessities and stability to attend on-line school.

In addition, Almost Home supported the family with other systemic needs, and we referred the parents to parenting classes through Adams County.

We are pleased to share that this family successfully moved into their own 3-bedroom apartment in Brighton. With the father’s income, the family is on track to fully maintain their rental. They will receive follow up services and case management for the next 90-days to ensure that they have the resources and the support to reach long-term self-sufficiency.

YOUR donations make client success stories like this possible!

Thank you to our funders, sponsors & donors for providing us the funds needed to help families move towards self-sufficiency and obtain permanent, safe and affordable housing.


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